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North Brisbane Signs

What do you want to achieve with your sign?
No matter what your aim is, Sign*A*Rama North Brisbane has a signage type to help you.

Know what you want to achieve but not how?
Our sales consultants will happily spend some time with you to understand your needs and suggest the most suitable type of sign. We even offer free on-site consultations.

Sign*A*Rama North Brisbane offers a full spectre of signs, in a range of materials, from the simple to the sophisticated. Below you will find some of the many products available. All can be fully customized to suit your business - all you need to do is ask.

A Frame


Used for: Announcing something special such as: a sale, an event, a new store in town etc.
Options available: Banners in any size and colour depending on your event and advertising needs! Also possible to add digital graphics.
A Frame

Digital Graphics

Used for: No matter what kind of sign you need, there's no match for the promotional value of full-colour digital graphics to raise awareness of your business.
Options available: Just bring us your design, photo or message, and we'll duplicate it according to your exact specifications.
A Frame


Used for: Fantastic for use in high traffic areas such as busy streets.
Options available: A-Frames offer changeable messages and are very portable. They can be made from a variety of materials including wood, PVC, or various metals.
A Frame

Vehicle Graphics

Used for: All types of vehicles such as vans, cars, boats and aircrafts.
Options available: A wide number of vehicle graphics options available, including one-way view glass graphics, digital designs or magnetic signs that can transfer from one vehicle to another.
A Frame

Outdoor Signs

Used for: Storefronts, windows, street-signs etc. The classic way of announcing the presence of a business.
Options available: Everything from monument signs to dimensional, A-Frame signs and window graphics. For 24-hour awareness consider electrical or neon signs and channel letters. Choose from any number of high-visibility materials and get invaluable free consultation about the colours, sizes and typefaces that will work best for you.
A Frame

Indoor Signs

Used for: Directional sign systems, show booths, accessories, reception signs etc.
Options available: A wide range such as: engraved signs, ADA compliant directional sign systems, menu boards, point-of-purchase displays, directory signs, trade show booths and accessories.
A Frame

Exhibits & Displays

Used for: Tradeshows, conferences or meetings etc.
Options available: Displays, banners, frames - we can customise the product to suit your exact show needs.
A Frame

Illuminated Signs

Used for: Usually these are used as an exterior on-premise signs.
Options available: Illuminated sign boxes are usually constructed of aluminum sheets that are bent, braved and welded, or constructed of aluminum extrusions. Can also be framed and equipped with internal lighting.

Channel Letters

Used for: Storefront, interior or exterior signage.
Options available: Fabricated three dimensional letters typically built from aluminum and lit with internal neon, fluorescent lamps or LED lighting. These letters may have an attached acrylic face hiding the neon or LED.

Monument Signs

Used for: Lightweight, moldable foam products have made these products more affordable, versatile and easy to install. Many monuments are installed at entrances to business parks, residential developments and shopping plazas.
Options available: Some monuments have illuminated signs installed in them to advertise products or prices. Many are elaborate concrete block construction with stucco finishes.

Neon Signs

Used for: Neon signs are illuminated signs bent in the shape of the sign's message.
Options available: Neon signs utilize a hollow glass tube filled with gas. It is used for vibrant, high impact interior or exterior signage.

Wood Signs

Used for: Some industrial as well as residential developments require wood signs. They are also often used by everything from restaurants and boutiques to leather shops and ranches, and are loved as they give that classic, older style.
Options available: There are basically three ways of producing wood signs; they can either be hand carved, sand blasted, or routed.

Engraved Signs

Used for: Commonly used for nameplates, desk plates, interior or exterior directional or way of finding signage.
Options available: Engraved Signs are created by using one of two primary methods of engraving; rotary (spindle) engraved and laser engraved signs. Some handicap directional signs can be produced with tactile and Braille messages.

Individual Letters

Used for: Stand alone logos, symbols, alphabetic or numeric characters.
Options available: The letters can be cut, molded or fabricated from acrylic, foam, metal or wood. We can also mount these to interior or exterior surfaces.

Real Estate Signs

Used for: Advertising real estate businesses or the properties they rent / have for sale.
Options available: These can be screen-printed in large quantities, typically on aluminum or plastic.

Promotional Products

Used for: To promote a business, event, sale, happening, cause etc.
Options available: From pens to mugs, hats, T-shirts, Frisbees and clocks, to just about anything else a business' name can be placed on.